Saleska Lab Intro Film Credits

Welcome to the Saleska Lab: a film by Saleska Lab members and collaborators


Scripting and narration by Scott Saleska

Narration footage by Neill Prohaska and Moira Hough

Sweden drone footage by Michael Palace, University of New Hampshire

Other Amazon footage by Ty Taylor and Marielle Smith

Sweden photos by Moira Hough and Anthony Garnello

Edited by Ty Taylor

Thanks to Brazilian site support and research collaborators:

LBA: Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere project, Santarém, Brazil

UFOPA: Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará

EMBRAPA: Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

International collaborators on Brazil research projects

Thanks to Sweden site support and research collaborators:

Abisko Research Station

International collaborators on Sweden project

…and with apologies to Russ Monson!

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