Monthly Archives: February 2016

Article title: Leaf development and demography explain photosynthetic seasonality in Amazon evergreen forests. The analyses are reported in this week’s issue of Science (Feb 26, 2016) in a paper led by recent Saleska Lab graduate, Dr. Jin Wu, current graduate student Loren Albert, and INPA (Manaus) student Aline Lopes (advised by our INPA collaborator Bruce Nelson). We used special tower-mounted cameras to discover that synchronization of the birth and death of leaves in… Read More

Check out this video that Saleska lab PhD student Marielle Smith put together following her research trip to the lab’s primary site, ‘Km67’, in the Tapajós National Forest, Brazil, November 2015. It stars Marielle, her LiDAR measurements, and Neill Prohaska’s canopy walkways.